Wolftune's check-in 2018-10-30


Check-ins haven’t been happening, many of the team members have been sidetracked by other things… but I’ve made lots of progress over the past few month.

  • This forum is finally really solid, no particular immediate issues left to tweak
  • I plan to write a nice blog post announcing the forum (followed by posts about our updated Code of Conduct, updated ToS, Privacy Policy — all those took a lot of work and are all overhauled in many ways, particularly to fit the forum among other things
  • Some small forum announcements have gone out, but the big ones will happen after the first blog post is up
  • notes about roles, governance, and recruitment are the one area where I have notes on my laptop not yet organized in our tasks (thanks to @smichel17 coworking with me on many things, all the rest of stuff is organized in git.snowdrift.coop issues and we’re starting to make better use of milestones (note that beta is not complete, it’s something we haven’t even organized yet)
  • we had a Board meeting last month, but I need to organize another and finish recruiting the updated Board
  • the intro video work has been all done for a while and will be on the homepage live soon (and that’s another thing to blog about…)

My primary focuses going forward are team-building and general announcing / blog posts etc.

We have a better overall setup to engage with the community (although there’s still several things missing like getting out CiviCRM instance fixed and usable again). I just need to do the work and then look forward to the conversations and interesting people…

I regret that I’m still putting off finalizing our co-op structure and Bylaws, but those things will go easier when we have a stronger team overall. And those things are near the top of my list either way.


Why do you have blog posts for everything? Why not just a quick forum post on the subjects? Are the blog posts just quick turn outs? Or meant to be official communications ? I’m just wondering what the rational is for the time spent, when you’ve got pressing internal concerns and tasks? Is it the right time and priority to be worrying about informing the public?


All fair questions.

Blog posts are not quick turn-outs, they are meant to be more engaged, formal, closer to public press releases. The goal is to signal activity, promote, generate interest. They are a marketing and recruiting effort.

I’ve been avoiding doing them because they are indeed questionable priority. But right now, we’re pushing ahead toward finally doing more bold public outreach, inviting people to the forum, recruiting volunteers…

The last blog post was now one year ago. I’ve seen at least one case of someone using that to question whether the project is alive.

The primary goal of blogging at this point is to generate enough attention and interest that we get a few really dedicated volunteers out of it and maybe a good uptick in patrons, maybe some donations/grants. Getting that income, engagement, and building the community and team are possible ways to accelerate.