Wolftune's check-in 2018-06-11

Oh no, it’s been over a month since my previous check-in and nobody else has done one. Anyway:

  • I did a ton of work learning about GDPR, how Discourse relates to it, and rewriting our privacy policy with help from @smichel17 (the final update isn’t live yet, but should be soon, awaiting feedback from others)
    • I’ve also done some outreach to aligned projects to collaborate on optimizing our privacy policies etc.
  • I’ve gotten through a bulk of unrelated personal things and time-management stuff. So, I’m staying close to or at inbox-0, and I’m getting through my open browser tabs (7 to read or put-off ASAP, all articles and references related to management/leadership/team etc. stuff for my role in leading here and recruiting and supporting the rest of the team).
  • I have drafts/notes still in progress about Board recruitment and defining clearer team structure in order to recruit further and to build more consistency within the team practices and check-ins (like this check-in I’m doing)

Stuff on my mind going forward:

  • Post more to aligned lists and places where advisors are to get more perspective and feedback on things going forward (including privacy policies etc)
  • Get through my tasks marked in GitLab, at least reviewing them more regularly, triaging/grooming
  • Update the wiki, particularly the history page, to get things up-to-date
  • Post to the blog announcing Discourse finally and then link to that post in announcements to the old email lists which can then finally shut down.
  • Post the blog about the team structure / recruitment stuff

There’s other details, but the overall idea in my mind right now is about preparing everything (and myself) for opening the floodgates when we fully and widely announce this forum. I want to be in position to reduce getting distracted by every post, giving space for others to interact while having the resources and quick links available to be efficient in answering questions etc. And my hope is to use the likely energy and interest and direct it to where it will make the most difference to pushing the project forward.

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