Why `stack *build* ghc-mod`?

In TEXTEDITORS.md, it says stack build ghc-mod hlint stylish-haskell.

Why build and not install? Wouldn’t Atom have to be ran with stack exec in order to see something that’s not installed?


I didn’t set up the atom instructions, so maybe somebody else can answer the question. But I try to make all instructions use ‘build’ to avoid clashing with other projects or user settings. It’s about sandboxing.

It’s been a long time since I put that together and played with Atom at all.

My vague memory is that plain build worked because the Atom ghc-mod plugin knows to use the ghc-mod accessible from the directory of the open project, regardless of how Atom is opened. I just updated Atom and did the build for new GHC, but I’m not yet getting success for either build or install in terms of getting the full working result in Atom.

Are you having the IDE functions working at all? If so, it’s easy enough to test whether it works with just build versus with install.

On a side-note, the developer of ghc-mod is supportive of Snowdrift.coop and a responsive person… I’d see what the latest is in the docs for that and for the Atom plugins etc. Ideally, the set-up, install etc. instructions for the Atom plugins are now fully documented with those, so we don’t need our own docs! If not, we should bug them to maintain that. We want to be able to merely say “these are good Atom plugins for hacking on Snowdrift” and expect the plugins themselves to cover all the needed setup docs…

Thank you for the info.
Mainly, I was just curious how it worked / wanted to make sure it was not a bug.
You have answered both.

At this moment, I do not have anything beyond syntax highlighting and tags set up in Atom, concerning Haskell. Though the built-in terminal is a big help.

It looks like we can replace a large portion of the Atom packages subsection in TEXTEDITORS.md with a link to https://atom-haskell.github.io/ very soon.

I was tempted to walk through that how-to, but I really need to focus on the Makefile MR Bryan and I discussed. The last MR is what had me proofreading the doc in the first place, as much as I try to only read what’s relevant to my current objective.

1 Appreciation

Quick followup: this directly answers my question.

Of particular interest is its mention of Stack Sandbox.

https://atom-haskell.github.io/ looks promising, that’s cool. Indeed, we want to refer to any such sources as long as they aren’t excessively complex or too irrelevant. The main things we want are (A) to have such links and resources for reference and (B) to document anything specific/quirky about Snowdrift that isn’t covered elsewhere.

We certainly want to avoid duplicating (and thus worrying about getting out of date) any info. So, we can remove anything that can be replaced with a link. And anything where a link is not super (too wordy, confusing etc), we’d first want to help that linked thing improve instead of taking it on ourselves.

Issue #97 created concerning the doc update.

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