Where to put discussion about using GitLab?

E.g. Snowdrift GitLab should clearly identify itself in email as being distinct from GitLab.com

This could live in #clear-the-path:development or maybe #clear-the-path:project-management but maybe it makes sense to make a new #feedback-support category for Git/GitLab? (even as we move to GitLab.com)?

What’s happening here? Migrating source control hosts? What discussion is needed exactly? Just schedule and do the migration?

Sorry the original post wasn’t clear. The question here isn’t about the migration, it’s a question for just where in this forum (like what category) is best for discussing our GitLab setup and migration etc. This is a meta post about using the forum.

The prompt was someone expressing concerns about signing up to use our GitLab instance (they posted that in #unsure)

It’s a good question. There’s not a good spot right now. Maybe we could change the wiki category to be a catch-all for other platforms and tools we use?

At the moment, though, I’m inclined to just dump it in an existing category. I don’t think we’ll see many posts like it after we migrate.

How about #clear-the-path:project-management ?

The fact that there is any debate at all makes me think we already have too many choices. This would have been a fine discussion for #general-discussion.

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I think #clear-the-path:project-management is best, just moved the one item to there. I think it makes sense to use that in the future even when we are at GitLab.com if there is discussion about how we set up and use GitLab repos. We can adjust categories later if that seems helpful.

I should have just made the decision initially instead of taking time with extra chat about it.