Where to link back to the main site from the forum?

Continuing the discussion from Should we add a footer?:

We should have is a link back to the main site.

After updating theme components, I found it’s easy to customize Discourse in many ways. We could put that link:

  • in a custom header above the Discourse header (which could have a range of menus and links)
  • in the hamburger menu
  • in a footer
  • probably easy to do many other places

What’s best?

All of the above? This is probably a design question, but I’d say that a header and/or footer which contains quicklinks (and highlights which is current) the different subdomains that people could visit and exists across all subdomains.

I would recommend not to add an extra header or footer for that purpose. A prominent link at the very bottom of the hamburger menu sounds fine.

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Thanks, I added that link, called it “back to main site” for now

I’d prefer a snowdrift.coop logo. Or " Snowdrift.coop " – there should be no room for confusion about what “main site” means. On discourse that could be the discourse homepage, for example.

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Snowdrift.coop main site fits okay, switched it to that.

(side note: the UI here where the confirm button immediately switches to “reset” and one careless extra click forced me to redo all the menu items… arg…)

Note, you need to refresh the page (not just visit a different page) in order for the link to show up in the menu. I don’t think discourse will allow us to put a logo there.

I think Discourse is super flexible, capable of a ton of things. It’s just a question of how trivial or costly it is to make certain adaptations. There’s no simple option to put a logo there that I currently know of at least. I bet it’s possible though.

“main site” is redundant. Snowdrift.coop is exactly what it should say. Centered and bold would be my suggestion, Ideally using the original logo.

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Okay, thanks. I deleted the unnecessary theme-component that provides a UI for adding links. It was too limiting.

We’re back to custom HTML/CSS.

The extra links are added via https://community.snowdrift.coop/admin/customize/themes/1/common/head_tag/edit

Per https://meta.discourse.org/t/add-custom-icons-to-hamburger-menu/69100/4 I think it’s possible to get CSS classes added to the items and then to style them with anything arbitrary. But that only references using classes already built-in. So, added classes to our custom links will take more research or some code knowledge of how to embed the right HTML inside those script blocks.