Where to keep (and to have links) to docs about our working process?

We currently document some of our working process such as at:





  • how are these places? Should we consolidate?
  • what should we link where here at the forum? Should we link to these things from the Clearing the Path category or at the general welcome category?
I like having introductory materials on the wiki. Ie, I think it's the best "starting place" for people who want to learn more about us, including our proceses.

It’s the best combination of:

  1. Easy to link people to (wiki.snowdrift.coop is the shortest link besides snowdrift.coop itself)
  2. Easy to edit

If/When we get to a point where the platform is really stable, I’d consider having that on our home page instead, but right now it’s just too hard to update that when changes happen and we want to update our intro docs to reflect that.

Where we actually keep that information isn’t super important to me, as long as it’s linked from the wiki (resources page); I’m happy letting each team decide for themselves.

If we want to link to stuff like that from discourse, I think the pinned “About the [x] category” posts (the first paragraph of which is the category description) is a good place to do that.

The welcome post itself could link to plain old wiki.snowdrift.coop, but I’d rather discuss that in the draft.

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