Where to direct feedback about Snowdrift.coop?

We should make it easy for people to provide feedback about the snowdrift.coop website. Right now, it’s not particularly clear where someone should post this feedback. I’d like to provide a dedicated place for that.

As a secondary benefit, having a category also acts as a suggestion to visitors that they should provide feedback here.

I think the best option is making it a top-level category, although it could be a sub-category of “Clearing the Path” or a label instead.

  • It’s the most visible location
  • People can receive notifications about discussions in “Clearing the Path” without getting spammed by feedback.
  • A tag would allow someone to mark it as feedback but doesn’t answer the question of, “so where do I put it, anyway?”

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update: we added a top-level category, and there was this newer discussion too: Adding a "Feedback & Support" category