What would un-block you to make progress on Snowdrift.coop?

I’ll be spending the month of July focused on Snowdrift.coop. I’m currently planning on these three priorities:

The second two basically boil down to "Do whatever is needed to un-block our progress."

I think they capture the main important things, but I’d also like to hear about things I could do to un-block specific people, who can then help me continue to build momentum. This post is mostly targeted at the @team, but I’m also interested in responses from anyone else who would like to contribute more but isn’t, currently.

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Some things I already know:

  • @mray would like technical progress on the site to be unblocked, since his designs don’t do much if they’re never implemented. Also, some idea of the direction for the next mechanism after v0.3 — not fully decided, just enough of an idea so he can start thinking about what the story is that we’d present to a patron.

  • @davidak would like a page that lists what we need to make progress more quickly, that he can link people to.

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To state what I think is captured elsewhere, here’s what I feel most blocked by (but not blocked on working on these blockers per se, in other words, I’m capable of doing some work to unblock myself, so I can’t say “I” am blocked because there is enough work I can do that could use up the time I have):

  • clear roles / org chart finished enough to use for recruiting unfilled positions
  • CRM to use for networking/outreach/recruiting
    • And lacking this is itself a damper on the motivation and value for promotion in general
  • the technical site progress unblocked enough to allow design work to happen so that I can actually then talk to @mray and @msiep and others about design / presentation concerns I have
  • the 0.3 functioning with appropriate notifications and UX so that I can actually go and promote and feel comfortable inviting more people to pledge

I don’t think these things are for you per se in your immediate work, but I wanted to express them clearly to have a sense of where I’m at. I feel that these things represent items where I would switch into a state where I do truly feel unblocked in a way I do not feel today.

My perspective is that my priority is anything which other people are not currently capable of — mainly understanding everything and making a plan / providing leadership to coordinate everyone else’s limited time so that we make real progress instead of creeping along in many different directions at once. The two subcategories of that are people & tech.

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