What will the embeddable widget look like?


I read:

and my thoughts were that it could help free software developers to figure out how SnowDrift might help if they saw what such an embeddable widget would look like. Since I couldn’t find it, I did some sketching in Figma (a mockup of how the widget would look like on The GIMP website):

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Your idea is quite similar to my old old mockup. First, off the text is basically what I had put on the original prototype project pages on the main site. The simple button I mocked up is under “Each pledge encourages more patrons to join.” at Snowdrift Wiki - which is the old illustration I made before @mray came and made things actually look good.

Here it is: https://wiki.snowdrift.coop/assets/intro/pledge-button-draft.png

Anyway, there are various discussions and opinions that have been discussed about framing it like this. I won’t get into them here now. I still think the gist of this is good.

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