What skill sets are short?

I was watching some YouTube videos teaching how to program Haskell and it made me think: What are our current gaps when it comes to skill sets? Which team has the least amount of redundancy? Website programming, visual design etc?

tl;dr: figuring out this very question is itself a valuable next step… we need to break the question down more so it’s not so overwhelming.

Since several of us have kind of worked to fill in gaps wherever we find them, it’s harder to say where the balance is. But I mentioned to you separately (and meant to reply still) that there’s a bunch of governance and project-management stuff (questions like this very one about skill balance!) that is needed. I have some experience there but am in the position of reading and learning in many ways rather than already being an expert.

In fact, this is the very topic of what I have notes and half-done stuff that needs to be finished. I started charting out all the roles that are needed for us to be working well. And the goal is to identify unfilled roles to recruit for…

We don’t have adequate legal, financial expertise / focus. Our recruiting and outreach stuff is lacking bandwidth but we have plans. We definitely have more tasks for programmers than we’re getting to. I’m struggling to find time to focus on writing blog posts I want to get to. We need to flesh out our Board. There’s room for a role or two that is basically HR — supporting the needs and concerns of the other existing team members to help encourage everyone to prioritize well, make the most of each day, coordinate, not burn out etc.

I need help just doing this sort of governance / team-structure updating. The goal is a better org chart and a clear list of specific roles to recruit for and to invite newcomers to consider taking on.

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I’d say we need front-end developers and hardcore Haskell coders. But since those are not my departments, so take it with a grain of salt.

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