What is the scope for inital expansion to support other projects?

Out of scope? Where is the scope defined please , so I can review it?

The next milestone we’re shooting for is supporting a handful of hand-picked initial projects. We’ve called this milestone beta and for once I think we’ve been consistent with that name, so I’ll continue using it.

Beta isn’t well-defined, mostly because:

  1. Some work was definitely in scope (eg, updating our ToS), so we opted to do that before clarifying the scope.
  2. We’re planning to get feedback from projects about what what they want/need in order to feel comfortable signing up; we’ll adjust scope based on their answers.
  3. Aaron and I have had the most time to spend on Snowdrift recently and we see pretty eye-to-eye, so there’s been less pressure to codify our goals.

The closest thing at the moment to a defined scope is the planning page on our wiki.

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An early collection of stuff about this (somewhat sensitive, public but we didn’t discuss the notes with every project discussed there) is at https://wiki.snowdrift.coop/community/projects but that’s quite out-of-date (it was started years ago and hasn’t been updated in a long time). We had related discussion on a now-gone early chat system.

@Salt is ostensibly (but has been busy) holding the role for this outreach effort now.

We have a private git repo where we started sorting outreach plans now in our updated workflow. We have issues there about the pros and cons and priorities among different potential project recruits. I can give you @anon73864480 access to that if you like, if you sign up for https://git.snowdrift.coop first.

In our discussions, we’re weighing the merits of different options, and having a decent history and sizeable audience are factors we’re aiming for, but each potential project is a case-by-case consideration including factors like how much they are interested in working with us and being a first test project (and many more items).

@msiep is tasked with developing a plan for approaching the potential recruits, making it as clear as possible what it will mean to be an early project, what we expect or need from them (related to requirements, legal vetting, and more) and how they can best communicate their needs to us so that we prioritize that and make it a success overall.

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One thing I’d like to be considered, is that whatever projects we do choose, is that we have one project of each type that was alluded to in the opening intro video. The four mentioned were:

  1. Software
  2. Music
  3. Journalism
  4. Research

I think we need 1 of each to demonstrate to the public the wide variety of industries that can be supported by us.

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