What are the next top Haskell priorities?

Hello! I am shak-mar (sorry for the two different names) who sent the patch for running crowdmatches manually at a particular date. (By the way, I found out that it was needed by lurking at the forum and reading wolftune’s post about the crowdmatches not running.)

I wonder what the next most important thing is? It seems the next strategical step is to get established FLO projects to set up a project page. Is the only thing needed from a haskell POV adding support for other projects than snowdrift itself? Is this the most important thing?

Just checking :). Actually, I cannot promise I’ll actually do that, as I find it very hard to predict my motivation ;). Think of me as a hit-and-run sort of person that shows up and does things occasionally.


Indeed, we are in the slow process of outreach to the first set of potential outside projects. While we need the code for it, we’re doing more the economic and political discussions around the concerns, needs, feedback, so that we get their input as we set up plans.

But aside from that big topic, the most important Haskell-related tasks:

Front-end (only-partly-Haskell) design implementations

This chunk is tied to the front-end (not-so-Haskell) steps, such as implementing these new designs (which are mostly HTML / CSS type tasks but involve working with hamlet and a few Haskell bits):

Back-end more-Haskell tasks

These affect some key things in development or in authentication etc.:

and this one about better crowdmatch tests:

Those are not all, but going through what we already marked priority, those stuck out to me. We are hoping to do some more issue grooming soon.


Just stopping by to make sure that @chreekat sees this thread.


Yup! I’m traveling all this week, so I’m particularly unavailable. If we haven’t updated the stack lts in a while, that would be another good issue


The LTS (and thus GHC) update has some progress made already by a contributor at GitHub:

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