What are the best links and resources for FLO culture concepts?

There are lots of basic introductions to software-freedom and other FLO software topics. I’m not sure about what are the best go-to links and resources for promoting and introducing FLO culture.

  • https://freeculture.org — good resource, and wiki, but it’s not in a state that is quite adequate
  • https://questioncopyright.org — a partner of ours that has produced some great work, but is it a good starting point?
  • others? are Wikipedia entries decent enough? what about best starting points for understanding FLO issues in education?

We started these reference docs a long time ago: https://wiki.snowdrift.coop/communications/targeted-messaging … we could keep working on those, update them and flesh them out further…

Overall, the more people who understand the issues and care, the more successful we will be at achieving the Snowdrift.coop mission…