Welcome to the Snowdrift.coop community forum



This forum uses the FLO Discourse software. We’ve done a lot of tweaking to optimize our setup and will do more as we go.

Things to know and check out as a newcomer:


Any more usernames to reserve?
Expected/recommended use of Discourse for team members

Email settings

As part of our dedication to privacy and our respect for all community members, we set the activity digest emails off by default. But if you feel comfortable, we encourage you to opt-in to the “Activity Summary” in your emails settings. You can choose the frequency that works best for you.

What email settings are on by default? (click to expand)

As they are more essential to using the forum, the default settings send emails for:

  • private messages to you
  • posts that are direct replies to or include quotes from your posts
  • @mentions of you or of groups that include you
  • another user specifically inviting you to a topic
  • whatever items you set to “watching”

Watched item settings

Options for watching specific categories, tags, or posts (click to expand)

Discourse offers several levels of notifications:

  • watching: get notifications of all posts
  • watching first post: get notification of new topics
  • tracking: no notifications but see a count of new activity (both new topics and replies) when visiting the forum
  • normal: no notifications or activity count
  • muted: no notifications, no activity count, and hide from the overview of “latest” posts

Notifications show as a number count when you visit the forum. Depending on your settings, emails go out for each notification as well.

For categories and tags, your watch settings are the defaults for new topics. You can then adjust the setting per topic.

By default, everyone is set to watching first post for #announcements:major

Consider looking through our categories and tags for other specific topics you’d like to follow. For example, watching first post for the #portland tag will provide notifications of Snowdrift.coop-relevant meetups and conferences in Portland, OR.

Further watched-item suggestions for team members and active volunteers
  • watch (at least first posts) the #clear-the-path subcategories relevant to your role(s)/interests (team members in particular should do this)
  • watching first post or tracking #feedback-support (or sub-categories)
  • watching first post in the #welcome category (to welcome newcomers)
  • maybe tracking the #general-discussion category
  • watching the #restricted:team category (only available to team members, who should do this)