Weekly log / check-in / status update

I think I and everyone else with a committed role at Snowdrift.coop should start publishing a casual weekly check-in here in the forum.

  • What category or categories make sense for topics?
  • Should each person keep posting a new reply to one ongoing topic or make new topics each week?
  • Any other thoughts on this idea?
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I like this idea in theory, but I know for me posting regularly can feel like a burden if I don’t frame it right.

Out of curiosity: Is the idea here to get people to regularly engage to set this as a precedence, and get momentum on discourse use as a community? Or to hold those with committed roles accountable for their involvement?

I’m just thinking it seems like it could be another task when people are already busy, because even if you say ‘casual’ sometimes it feels like work to make public posts. imo

It does makes sense to try to get the ball rolling on discourse engagement - let me propose an alternative that may differ from ‘everyone posting a casual check in once a week’:
perhaps having some sort of chain of check ins, where you ‘tag’ someone else to check in after you, something like that? That way it’s more dynamic and responsive - perhaps more fun like a social game within the community?

I’m just trying to consider a happy middle ground so it’s potentially less of an psycho-social obligation and more of a fun opportunity to share (and maybe people won’t feel like 'one-and-done’ing when they’ve hit their quota of one check in a week) if there more of a direct social prompt? just thinking aloud here and trying to get clarity on what you’re pitching Aaron, feedback encouraged

The latter. If the check-in is just “wasn’t able to prioritize Snowdrift stuff this week”, that’s something. We hope it’s more often reporting real progress, thoughts etc.

My goal is not about Discourse engagement. It’s about accountability and the team staying connected and making progress. If a different medium worked instead of Discourse, that could be okay. But I think Discourse happens to be the best tool for this for many reasons.

I’m okay with trying that. If it works better, great. But I’d worry just that one person not showing up would kill the momentum. Each person shouldn’t actually be waiting on others if there’s no need for a particular order.

On the formality, I hope that as Discourse gets used more, people won’t think of posting as a big deal as much, each post being one in a large mix of posts.

In the end, this sort of thing is just a big part of keeping solidarity in a distributed team and community.