Weekly all-hands-on-deck check-in meetings

Besides our discussion via this forum and on IRC/Matrix, we hold weekly live meetings with the Snowdrift.coop team (@team) and anyone else who cares to join in.

At this point, we are alternating between two times, earlier on Mondays and later on Wednesdays. We aim to check in at both times but alternate which of the two is our formal meeting versus a more casual coworking session. The two times enable more participation from those in different time zones.

The times are listed in your time zone (assuming Discourse recognizes it):

  • The Monday meeting time: 6:00 PM
  • The Wednesday meeting time: 10:15 PM

We’ve also identified Sundays at 6:00 PM as a regular coworking session for whoever can make it.

We meet via https://meet.jit.si/snowdrift (which has a phone number call-in backup option, so ask if you need that)

Meetings are 60 minutes or less, but sometimes some of us choose to continue informal coworking afterwards.

We post notes from past meetings at https://wiki.snowdrift.coop/resources/meetings/2019/