Web Monetization (formal API proposed to W3C)

https://webmonetization.org/ I only just learned about this. Seems important to follow.

I saw this related to coil.com which is now supported by FMA. Coil seems to just be a $5/month flat thing for Web Monetization, so a zero-sum thing… interestingly, though paywalls seem a big focus, I guess the protocol can also just treat some website the same way even if it’s also totally open to the regular browsing public. So, while there’s a paywall incentive to join a program like this, it seems not strict for paywalls.

Side-note: this seems to fit the more-and-more-consistent embrace of ads-or-paywalls in monetizing all creative work. That has gone beyond my quip about it and become the explicit sentiment. All publishers now are basically going toward ads or pay-for-ad-free (usually with some only-paywalled exclusives).

So, Web Monetization seems set to facilitate yet more of this rather than be good for public-goods. But anyone looked (or up for looking) into it more? Could crowdmatching make use of Web Monetization? Or is it strictly tied to tracking people’s views (which pushes the wrong incentives) and not something for people to consciously decide what they wish to support separately from what they put attention towards?