Video hosting decision-making

Continuing the discussion from Where / how (formats…) should we host videos?:

@wolftune Yes, but as we discussed in the meeting, this is really an implementation detail. As long as the website circle has a high quality render from you (outreach), you don’t really need to worry about it. There’s other, higher-priority things to spend your attention on.

We didn’t discuss putting it on Archive just as a means to do file transfer so that the website circle had a rendered file to use. For that alone, I could have put it in an email even or on Seafile.

The purpose at this point was to have a public place to use and promote the video, and while we now have that, it’s unfortunate that reduced the resolution for the compressed versions. Oh well, we’ll live with it. But use of the video in blog posts and elsewhere does go beyond merely the website. I’ll look forward to the website circle figuring this out and happy to answer any questions.

As for format, since's versions aren’t adequate, anyone who wants a different rendering (format, container, compression…) should ask me for it. I can easily export from the raw files any rendering, just let me know.