Using the extra reaction options


Here in our Community instance of Discourse, we offer these reactions on each post:

  • :+1: “appreciate” as the primary reaction[1]

  • an extra set of reactions under a :slightly_smiling_face: button (via the Retort plugin) combined with custom emoji settings:

    • :hooray: “hooray”
    • :haha: “haha”
    • :changed_my_mind: “changed-my-mind”
    • :tldr: “tl;dr”
    • :skeptical: “skeptical”
    • :sympathies: “sympathies”

Those names show on cursor-hover when used on a post.

Beside these, there are a whole range of emojis, but the only way to use others is within a full reply post.

  1. We chose "appreciate" for being more neutral and flexible than Discourse's default :heart: and "like". Those love/like terms too often push people to present implications they don't want to make. Appreciation captures a wider range of cases while still expressing sincere, human connection. ↩︎

Missing reaction: (deep) gratitude
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