Using money to get us unblocked?

We have various realistic sources for some funds. I won’t go into details on that, but the question is: what right now could money help us unblock? I don’t think the answer is nothing or that we need a massive or ongoing funding for it to matter.

For some amount, we could hire co-op consultant(s) to help us set up governance. We could hire someone to lead things that are just going too slowly. Could some funding be thrown at our CiviCRM situation so I could just get a CRM and actually use it finally?

We’re blocked partly on the way each of us volunteers simply can’t do many things all at once…

It’s true that we could more readily decide on the use of funds once we have our co-op governance figured out or even our team decision-making governance. But I think it’s okay if we use funds sub-optimally with perhaps sub-optimal decisions about it if it’s our temporary way of pushing forward, and it really does get us unblocked.

I’d like to discuss here or privately as appropriate to get clarity on what people think money could get us now. I’m certain it could make a difference, I just want perspective from others in order to think this through.

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I think that compiling a list of these things that can be put into a table with pro/cons/estimated cost, would be a great idea. For the last item, it would really allow us to see what sort of financial targets the different suggestions would require us hitting and whether they are worth freeing volunteer resources to focus on other things. In the case of CiviCRM, we could be paying a monthly subscription to a hosting service, which is a pretty fixed cost, and then it would just exist. I’m guessing this fixed cost is relatively low compared to the other two items on that list.