Using GitLab's "To Do" feature

I had been mostly using it to review that I responded to mentions and such. But today, I started using the simple “Add a To Do” at the top of GitLab issues.

I’m concerned that this is not a very robust way to capture tasks, but it’s similar (without the time-based reminder) to bookmarking topics here on the forum. So, I’m going to see about making reviewing those part of my routine again and using the manual button to prompt me to check on issues.

I see now that any action on an issue will clear the To Do. So, if I then want it to be noted that there’s more, I will have to add a To Do again.

I’d be happy to hear thoughts or see how others might use this.

My thought is that I’m not clear what the topic is? Is there a problem? What is it? Who does it concern? What are possible solutions?

The tension as I can describe personally was that I wanted to check on the progress of something or note to myself that I mean to reply sometime at a GitLab issue. How should I make note of such tasks?

The solution I was/am trying was to click the “Add a To Do” button. Thus, when I later have time and go to GitLab thinking, “what should I work on?” I will get a reminder for issues even if I’m not an assigned person.

Not understanding every part here I guess but:
Notes to yourself what you mean to do are probably best stored where nobody but you can see them. -> Not GitLab!

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I don’t think anyone else sees the ToDos that I mark for myself in GitLab. They exist at even which is going to show each person only their own ToDos. It’s comparable to the bookmarks here at the forum. It doesn’t make noise for anyone else.

The reason I suggested and liked keeping these in GitLab (and possibly part of the reason the feature exists) is so that there are fewer places to check when considering what Snowdrift-specific stuff needs my attention.

In the case of posting here, I was sharing a workflow I’m trying that might be useful to others to consider as well. I also welcome feedback. I appreciate when others have suggestions about improvements I could make in how I’m using tools etc.

Maybe you should be more clear next time. Posting here how to use certain features in GitLab obviously (at least to me) assumes it is relevant to others that also work on our GitLab instance.

This, too makes the impression of a brainstorm more than anything else and isn’t something that belongs in the forum if it only affects you. I appreciate the gesture of letting others know of feature/workflows that you think may be beneficial for others, tough.


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