Using GitLab for seeking and integrating objections

Continuing the discussion from How to proceed with the process for consent decisions:

I think this is fine, since I think currently all team members already have an account. Would people feel reasonably comfortable working there? If so, maybe it’s even OK to move the entire process there while inviting comments at the forum. If integrating objections is moved to GitLab, then checking for objections should too, otherwise we’d have to transport objections from the forum to GitLab somehow.

I’ve last seriously used GitLab a few years ago (because it’s even worse accessibility-wise for me, but I can live with it), so someone else should propose how it is to be used.

Does GitLab allow everyone to approve amendments (including the author of the amendment)? If so, its functionality would be a superset of discourse’s wiki. (I think the discussion abilities are also sufficiently covered.) In this case, we don’t really lose anything by going there, as far as the technical design of the process is concerned.

I we do want to use GitLab, then we would probably need to rewrite the process :slight_smile:. Maybe we could check for objections from everyone else on moving to GitLab – the proposal would be to write a new process which uses GitLab to respond to this driver:

I think this mostly doesn’t affect the new bits of the v2, like first deciding on a driver statement (which simply uses the seek-and-integrate-objections process) or navigating via tension.

I’m not sure whether it would be worth the time to do proposal forming for this new process, but it might be interesting to try it out.

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So, reviewing, I see that the agreed-upon decision process doesn’t actually say anything about using GitLab or not.

The whole issue and confusion around trying to use wiki-topics on the forum (which lacks easy in-line reviewing or easy diffs etc) is not part of the agreed process.

We could make changes as MRs in GitLab already and discuss them there. We’d just post a link on the forum to invite participation. But we’d still need the final decision to happen on the forum. Maybe that’s fine. We could just try that and see how it goes.

But a question is: do we want to also allow for the actual decisions to be made via participation at GitLab without doing any forum post? I’m not sure enough about that to prioritize this. But let’s see how it feels if we do the work in GitLab MR’s but decisions (and possibly some discussion, we’ll see) on the forum.