Using Discourse for more institutional-memory vs Matrix or email

Discourse as analogous to the post-blog Wordpress thing P2 described here:

I like this framing, wanted to share it for consideration.

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I like this. It matches what I’ve been noticing at work around the use of instant messaging vs discussion in tickets— the latter is so much easier to find/follow later. Also, the async nature means that people are more likely to read your whole response and consider it before replying, which reduces the amount of “send message with all the info, then spend another 10 messages in a back-and-forth slowly repeating the first message bit-by-bit”.

I think we could probably stand to reduce the number of Matrix channels we have by a bit, at least temporarily. Having different channels is primarily useful so you can selectively turn off notifications, which is only relevant when you get high traffic. Especially now that Element is getting threads, which allows one channel to sustain a lot more conversations without becoming spammy.

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On the other side of things— I think the main value in having other communication channels is in allowing different people to engage.

For example, @msiep prefers not to engage much on the forum because of how much of a time sink it can be, while meetings can work much better for him. If we only had the forum, we’d likely be missing out on some of his useful insights.