Use the "easy" & "quick" labels in GitLab…

Continuing the discussion from Tagging GitLab issues across repos:

I’m writing just to announce: I made labels for “easy” and “quick” in GitLab (per request that came up in meeting). Please add those tags to any issue that is entirely (or maybe has checkbox-tasks) that really fit this.

Imagine a contributor having 20 minutes to do something for but not sure how to make it worthwhile. They could check the quick stuff to do on the wiki landing page. But they could also look at the “quick” label in GitLab issues. Use that label only where things really can be expected to be quick enough.

Imagine a contributor feeling unfocused, tired, low-energy… but they want to help and have some time. Use the “easy” label to mark things that may or may not take a lot of time but are easy to do even when tired etc.

We should also mark deadlines, and mark priority labels to help contributors pick tasks.

This and other organizing is an ongoing process. I just want everyone aware of the tools. We’ll fine-tune the process as we go.