Updating all the "review…" tasks

chreekat opened a bunch of issues in the design repo all called Review…

These are all vague and not fleshed out. They basically call for getting these items up to par. Mostly, that means the full process of clarifying the User Stories, getting updated mockups finalized, everything clear to hand-off to code to implement.

The items have some existing state which can be used for consideration, but nothing is set at this point unless it’s gone through the updated design process.

I did a first tweak for the /p/snowdrift issue but that involved merely a more descriptive title, assigning the issue to @msiep, and adding a comment with my notes from outstanding older communication.

I had sent some emails in the past about various items, I know that @mray has mockups and thoughts for many of the places. We can discuss here in Discourse about general ideas / concerns…

But mostly, I wanted to make clear the status of these issues so people weren’t confused. As bandwidth allows, anyone can help clarify the issues. But @msiep is the one to really lead each forward, determining when the US/specs are clear and he’s ready to get mockups etc. as per the process that went well for the dashboard pages that have been handed off to code now.