Update video on website

The current video on the website mentions patrons dropping out. Our new mechanism will not have that, but the rest of the video is OK.

I see from feedback in social media, that people don’t like the dropping out, so we should remove it ASAP from our website, to not confuse and scare viewers.

I have just edited that part out and i think it’s good enough to use NOW, but when hearing carefully, you notice the background music is cut.

So to do a proper update, we need the source material. When i get access to that, i can do it.

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Thanks for keeping track of consistency. The shortening is a good quick term solution, but we’re still applying mechanism 1.0. Lets wait until that happens before we switch assets.

Might be good to keep track of text, images and videos of all sorts that need to be updated once we change mechanism. Last thing we can use is confusion, don’t know how the Wiki-payload of information will handle that…

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