Unable to sign in, SSO likely broken

Trying to sign in is currently broken. If you’re already logged in, your current session will still work – don’t log out!

Trying to sign in on a new device currently produces an error - “There is a problem with your account, please contact the site’s administrator”. I believe this is a problem with SSO with the main site, probably something the OSUOSL needs to fix on their end.

We need to open an issue on their GitHub if we have not already done so (@Salt was planning to do this yesterday - did it happen?).

I was able to fix this from the admin settings — there was an IP address blocked that needed to be allowed. We still need to figure out how the ip ended up on the blocklist and follow up with the osuosl folks if we need to make any changes.

I can think of a few ways this might have happened:

  • Maybe it was accidentally toggled from block to allow. The interface makes this very (too) easy (in my opinion) — one click/tap with no confirmation and only minor feedback that it changed.
  • Maybe one of Discourse’s anti-spam measures kicked in and automatically blocked it.
  • Maybe someone added it intentionally for other reasons, and it had unintended consequences.
    • @staff does anyone remember changing this?

@staff If you didn’t touch this setting, can you please also confirm that?

Edit: here’s a poll so we don’t need a bunch of "me too"s.

  • Didn’t change
  • Changed

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I didn’t mess with it.

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To allow rebuilding, OSUOSL just in the last day or so upgraded the server to have more memory. Perhaps that upgrade broke something? I did upgrade the forum version, but no other changes were made. The update might have had some SSO change.

I’m talking about a change roughly a month ago. On Friday Lance assigned himself the open ticket for investigating why this happened, and I’d like to be able to tell him that nobody changed the setting, or that somebody did.

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Gotcha, I was worried you were saying that the issue recurred (I didn’t but could have checked that).