Turn back on email default for PMs and replies?

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I was chatting with Ind.ie folks about GDPR, Discourse, and our Privacy Policy (they are aligned, as strongly privacy-focused etc), their view was to make digest emails opt-in but still leave the default-on (opt-out) for emailing users for both reply/quote/@mentions and PMs given a view that such behavior would be expected to be default.

I’m inclined slightly that way too. Thoughts?

Is there someway we can communicate that the first time someone replies to a topic? The biggest concern I believe is informed consent. If there is a mechanism that explains the opt-in upon the first time a user replies with the opportunity to immediately opt-out I think that would work nicely.

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I agree it could be ideal to offer a one-time setting opt-in to this the first time someone replies ever. I think I’ll request that at meta.discourse.org. EDIT: posted at https://meta.discourse.org/t/request-a-one-time-informed-consent-to-reply-notifications/90155

To clarify about the setting as-is: if people have the PM/reply notifications on, it does not mean they get notifications of all posts to a topic where they reply. They only get notifications of replies directly to their post. (So, in this case, I’m replying directly to you @CANAWEN so you should get a notification, but if I’d just clicked reply to the overall topic or replied to a different post, you’d only see an activity count upon visiting the forum, no notification email).

So, it’s that setting we could turn back on as an expected one (i.e. make it opt-out). I lean toward turning it back on even though we would like the stronger informed opt-in if we could present it prominently at the time of an initial reply…

I’m turning it back on for now, it’s still opt-out if anyone wants it off. I wish there were a less-blunt setting like a digest for this (requested such just now). General activity digests are still off…

Have we modified/removed the banner to reflect this?

I just now removed the banner. I’m not sure we should have a banner per se, but it would be nice to edit the message-from-discobot-to-new-users so that it (A) emphasizes that you can opt-out of personal notifications and (B) encourages opting-in to activity digest.

Made a task: https://git.snowdrift.coop/sd/outreach/issues/30

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