Tracking topics vs first-posts

Similar to my recent response in another thread, just noticed that I wasn’t tracking [a] topic.

I wonder what’s causing my problem, maybe something related to splitting topics?

A post was merged into an existing topic: Clarification on roles and domains

@Salt sorry for weird noise/confusion. I guess my mind was trying to do this wish I’ve had for a long time that Discourse doesn’t actually do: Select portions of posts (rather than an entire post) for moving (and leaving a moved stub in place). I tried to move this here, realized it shouldn’t all be moved, edited, but then reverted, put it back, that automatically closed this new topic, which I now re-opened. Sheesh.

I just wanted to reply separately about topic-watching.

In the future, I won’t do such moving, just do reply-as-new-topic. But I still wish that feature of moving parts of posts existed.

Anyway, I saw that you are set to “Watching First Post” for most categories across the forum. Thus, you will have to opt-in to watching any replies on a per-topic basis. It sounds like you’d rather set everything to watched or tracked and then be able to opt-out per topic.


Fixed that, updated my watching status on all boards to align with my current preferences. Thanks for continuing to try to get the platform to fit into the ideals. Was there a feature request I can +1?

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Not sure what you mean. We could make some request about how adding people to groups might change their default watch settings, but I’m not sure we want that.

In general, to respect our users, we’ve not pushed the watching/tracking too hard, erring toward opt-in.

I was referring to this part of your response.