The landing page should link more prominently to /p/snowdrift

Right now the most prominent links on our landing page are to /how-it-works and /auth/login.

However, I suspect most people are not going to care about creating an account until they want to become a patron; for those who already have accounts and want to log in, the link in the upper right is more than enough. Thus, we should link the project listing[1] from the home page, not the login screen. The same argument can be applied to /how-it-works: the most prominent link should be “View projects”, not “Sign up”

edit: Note: This is not intended as a user story, just a place to discuss / build consensus around this idea. Once/if people agree, I’ll propose a new US over on the repo.

[1]: I’m not sure this page exists right now. That’s fine; we can link directly to /p/snowdrift until it does exist.

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+1 to having quick access to Snowdrift (and eventually other projects) directly from the home page. It’s pretty much the only thing I’m looking for when I go to the site myself.

I agree. In my experience with sites in general, when I feel pushed to sign in before I’m ready, I’m more likely to leave rather than even learning more and continuing my interest.

Anyway, this seems to me to be where we start a User Story capturing the idea that after viewing homepage content, the next thing a visitor wants to do is check out the projects already on the site.

The homepage you see right now isn’t being worked on anymore.

Right, so the idea of the homepage linking to /p/snowdrift should be thought of as a general proposal rather than a specific critique of the existing homepage.

@wolftune Not a proposal at this point, I just wanted to gauge whether other people agreed with me before I started a formal proposal (US).

@mray, where can I find the most recent mockup for the home page? Or are we waiting on text?

@smichel17 You can find my recent mockups on our seafile repository – but remember this is a personal repository and is not an official resource. (If you want to stay up to date - get a seafile account from @iko). We are indeed waiting on text that might very well – and should imho – contain a link to the project page.

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This topic is closed automatically after 7 days it says. Do we want that? I’m replying here even though it’s “closed”, so what does “closed” mean?

Incidentally, with updated process, the core thing would be to suggest this design idea to @msiep to see if he approves and wants to make a User Story and open an issue in the design repo.

It looks to me like @wolftune replying automatically reopened the issue on Feb 5, which presumably he was able to do due to some kind of admin status?

Anyway, I agree that it should be easy to get to /p/snowdrift from the home page. Now that we will have a Projects item in the navigation, that will help ( One thing that /p page will do initially is explain why currently we’re the only project. Because that needs to be explained, I’m not sure whether linking directly from the home page to /p/snowdrift is a good idea. It would depend a lot on the context of the link. However, I certainly think it would be good at least to have the body of the home page include a link to the projects list /p and not just rely on the top navigation for that.

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Seems to me as long as the path is clear (through /p) we’ll be good enough at least. Cheers [EDIT: we don’t use /p but /projects, though that could redirect]