Team reps attending LAS 2018



This week I’ll be going to at least some of Libre Application Summit in Denver. If anyone is going or knows anyone with a connection to who is going, please let me know!


I got an opportunity to give a “lightning talk” mostly focused on The video of it is at and the LAS Twitter feed in which it was posted is (search in-page for “Lightning talk #1”).


Excellent talk, and good advocacy. It was nice see the website video out in the wild!
Some feedback:
What happened to your arm? If you don’t mind me asking.
Maybe it was the camera angle, but you seemed to be leaning back while talking. Your posture was awkward.

I think the questions you received were indicative of the kind of questions we’re going to be receiving more of. IE: comparisons to Patreon, the social dynamics of game theory we’re using, and individuals who want to donate a little. You handled them well and communicated snowdrift’s main points clearly, as was demonstrated by the more detailed follow up questions.

However, this got me thinking. I feel like these questions will be major and reoccurring obstacles to selling snowdrift to people. We need to intergrate stories that alleviates these concerns and illustrates how we overcome them into future talks.

One similar action that your talk reminded me of was charity pledges, where people pledge to give money to support someone else who is walking, running, biking, whatever, towards some achievement. Snowmatching is somewhat comparable.

“I pledge to donate more money, in increasing amounts, for everyone else who also pledges to do the same.”

Governments and businesses commonly do this too on a one for basis, where they will match donations given by their customers/citizens up to a pre-determined limit, for example.

Overall, great talk. Did anyone else attend? Did anyone approach you after the talk to discuss things further?


@CANAWEN thanks for watching it and for your feedback!

My arm was in a cast because I had fractured the radius bone in my wrist when I fell off a chair I was standing on. Luckily it didn’t require any surgery and the cast has been off for quite a while now.

I did chat with a few people immediately after the talk. Unfortunately I didn’t make it back to the rest of the conference due to family needs, etc, that weekend.

I agree we need to find ways to alleviate common concerns, hopefully before they even arise.


Discussed at incidentally