Talk: "Analyzing Tens of Terabytes of Public Trace Data & Open Source Sustainabil"

The donations study:

In this talk, scientists show their findings from analyzing GitHub data.

Here is a summary what this talk says about Funding Open Source:

  • Overall, 0.04% of GitHub repos ask for donations

  • Most projects receive little funding

  • Projects asking for donations are
    • more active
    • more popular (GitHub stars)
    • smaller
    • on personal accounts (rather than org)
  • Projects that get more donations are more popular (more stars, more downloads)
  • Developers plan to spend donations on Engineering, Community, Project Expenses, Personal

  • Many projects save money

  • Projects that spend money, usually those that get a lot, pay developers with it

  • To raise donations effectively
    • reputation matters (popular, more active projects)
    • Awareness of need (projects that explain WHY they need donations, what they need it for)
    • Efficiency of using funds. report how the money was used and if it was successfull (see also: effective altruism)

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