Tagging GitLab issues across repos

Does anyone know if GitLab has a way to share labels across repos? We discussed general labels for:

  • Urgent (but that’s better handled by due dates)
  • Important (there’s priority labels for that)
  • Easy [edit: done!]
  • Quick [edit: done!]

to help team-members determine what to focus on.

I didn’t want to go through the hassle of creating them on each repo if I don’t have to…

P.S. Interesting that Discourse uses “tags” while GitLab uses “labels”, so if we’re consistent, we can even have that name help clarify which system is being discussed.

Yep. You can create group labels that show up in every repo. You can also promote existing repo labels up to being group labels. I thought about doing that, but I also wanted to be really careful about creating global default labels that every repo (which are owned by different teams) has to use/put up with.

Design and code already have their own versions of most or all of these labels, for instance.

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Great, separately we can decide what if any to add globally then. I won’t do it right away.