Tagging and filing valuable broad philosophy topics

So, Problems with crowdmatching + proposing an alternative is long and in-depth. It isn’t really about design directly, it’s about broader feedback, attitudes, state-of-the-world etc. brought up by debates about fundamental design questions.

I don’t think it should be in the design category or even in clearing-the-path. It seems more like broad philosophy of crowdmatching, FLO projects, game theory, economics… So:

  • I think we need a better place for this type of broad discussion, and not just “unsure”
  • I think we need tags:
    • some tag indicating that this has LONG posts, like to understand that this is long-form conversation
    • some tag indicating that this is like a special highlighted post for those who want in-depth perspective
      • my goal being to highlight posts that may be especially interesting reading (not just some long-winded but uninteresting chatter)

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