Switch "activity summary" back to opt-out

I really like the principle of making activity summary opt-in, but I now think most people simply are too likely to miss that option. It may take a few engagements before most people start looking over the forum more and even learning about opt-in possibilities. If they don’t post and don’t then get activity summaries, we may lose people before that happens.

I want only people who actually want the summaries to get them. But it seems too much of a sacrifice for us if we have most people who want the summaries not getting them just to more respect those who don’t want them.

I propose we switch it back to default-on for now. We can plan to later investigate ways to more proactively prompt new users to consider this setting. If we can put something a little more in their face to get them to choose one or the other, we could move it back to opt-in.

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(Does discourse have a voting mechanism?)

Yes, you can create polls, from the little gear menu.

I made an issue:

(on the voting thing: we could add an explicit +1 to retort, but currently we can make an explicit vote by running a poll and otherwise we only have “appreciate” to show kinda general support)