Starting set of tags?

There are lots of good uses of tags. I think starting with a clean set we encourage people to use makes sense rather than waiting for someone to just start feeling comfortable with a tag. Let’s brainstorm a list and start using the ones we agree on. This post is a wiki, so anybody can edit it and add ideas.

Features to consider:

  • lower-case (except of acronyms)
  • short, clear
  • avoiding overlap with category names

Tag brainstorm list:

  • bug
  • enhancement (alternate phrasing: feature request)
  • Needs information/research (or maybe “Open question” or “Unresolved”?)

Apparently editing the wiki-post does not notify people of new activity, so, bump I guess.

I think that tags should be organized under and reflect the various governing circles. This will allow people within those circles to better administrate their circles, and further reinforce the governance structure itself.

It’s possible to make nested tags. We could have a “circle” tag that contains a tag for each circle…

Not sure we should, just mentioning the option.