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linebreaks [in raw markdown in Discourse] are apparently honored, unlike vanilla markdown, so my linebreaks look super wonky making my post harder to read. Sorry about that, I didn’t know.

I also wish we could adjust this. It makes it impossible to cleanly copy and paste between this and other markdown places. Is there a way to make it stop passing line-breaks through from markdown to rendering?

Also, when trying to scroll to the bottom of the page, the End key doesn’t work.

With javascript enabled, my End key scrolls to the bottom post, and Ctrl+End scrolls to the bottom of the page.

Without js, my End key scrolls to the bottom of the page.

oops, ignore ^that, accidental while looking through the moderation tools.

meta comment: it’s wrong to use that form of quoting because it looks like I (wolftune) said the thing that is being replied to… but it wasn’t me, I was quoting someone else!

It seems this fails to indicate a quote of a quote distinctly.

Apparently, there are some markdown-it settings that allow going back to the normal markdown that doesn’t pass through line-breaks to the rendering… ADDENDUM: There’s actually just a simple admin setting for this here in Discourse…

But that said, it seems probably better to leave it alone. A long (don’t waste time reading please) stackexchange topic discusses this.

It seems pretty clear that anyone typing directly in the Web UI for Discourse will only use newlines when they actually want them to be honored.

It’s the few of us who may type in Vim or something and then paste into the Web UI who will find this problematic (I’m now one of those). Especially for larger wiki-type pages like the Community Guidelines, it’s frustrating to get all these extra newlines…

So, I think the ideal would be if there’s a possible way to change the behavior on a per-post basis so that the default is including the newlines for most users but advanced folks could override that. I don’t know if that’s possible.

I use vim. When I’m editing documents with line limits, I keep them. In my own, though, I don’t use line breaks unless I want a line break, and let vim just wrap visually (relevant vim wikia entry).

That is to say, while you’ll still have issues copying and pasting from the wiki or wherever, you can avoid those issues for stuff you’re composing yourself, with the intent of copy-paste into discourse. Or just mash a lot :stuck_out_tongue:

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Shouldn’t have linked it, then :stuck_out_tongue: