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Continuing the discussion from Brainstorm help on defining full working team structure - #5

I also looked into the IT tools suggested by

They are basically all obviously proprietary (though many are free as in beer)
The only sort-of exception is Peerdom - this is from their gitlab but the front end source code isn’t available anyway

This work is currently all right reserved by Nothing AG. When we will be close to a release we will license this work under the Business Source License 1.1.


The gist of the BSL 1.1 is:

  • The source code will always remain available
  • Each version of the software will be proprietary and under an usage limit for 3 years
  • At the 3 years anniversary of the version, the version will automatically be relicensed under the AGPLv3

tangential but unfortunate that it probably makes this unusuable, this tool might be have been great for this topic’s purpose. Something to consider

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:angry: pretty annoying how movements like Sociocracy that have so much value have obstacles like these that reduce adoption and evolution. I’m worried about the S3 folks also not quite getting it, but at this point the S3 stuff is all FLO (CC BY-SA) unlike the Sociocracyforall stuff. However, I got no response from S3 folks after I submitted edit patches and issue tickets. So, they don’t seem to actually be cultivating a healthy community there, at least at this point.

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