Shutting down mailman lists…

As we move to Discourse…

  • We will send announcements
  • We can discuss setting up email functions in Discourse if we want to have more ML-like operations, although that’s big thing, not decided
  • We want to retain old archives


  • Can/should we otherwise shut down mailman? Can mailman be basically off aside from hosting the archives?
  • We should kill the email addresses for the lists, right?
  • Should we otherwise backup the lists of subscribers?

I don’t want to bother processing a few moderated spam posts here and there for lists that are extinct…

The lists are so low volume that I won’t feel bad if a few people experience bounces when trying to email them. -> So yes, let’s just shut it down.

If I’m not mistaken, somebody took it upon themselves to mirror our list archives. If we can track down that service, we can just point to it rather than keep ours running.

We can keep a tarball for posterity, of course.

If you want to back up the list of subscribers, you should poke around the admin interface to see if you can do it there. Otherwise, we might be able to do a db extract.

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Okay! Just need to send out the announcements of the transition first (getting toward ready to do that…)

Oh yeah!! I remember that too… and, I found it!

So, that means we don’t even need to keep mailman running at all for any reason after we finish the transition. We can even uninstall the software.

I made a full task list issue:

I just didn’t reference what to do with the backups (that’s related to other questions about storing backups). The subscriber lists should be available to the outreach team probably, but we won’t likely use them after our full announcements about Discourse etc. are sent as the final mailings to the lists.