Should we hide flag button until users have visited CoC?

Overall, we have a lot of links and emphasis for the CoC already (it’s linked in the flagging UI itself).

But it’s possible to hide the flag button until a user visits the CoC page.

I’m inclined to do it. But if we do, we will need to clarify this status in Guide to flagging posts (incidentally, it’s not available to TL0, right? So we should clarify that too) in the details section.

Agreed, but I don’t want to enable this until we clean up (read: shorten) the CoC so people are more likely to read it than skim/skip.

I revisited this but now think that it would be bad to have the button just missing. The ideal design would be a prompt for users to read the CoC when they try to flag. We can’t have it ideal at this point, so let’s just forget about this for now.

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