Should we close low priority gitlab issues?

For example, this issue:

Personally, I’m inclined to move this issue to the code repo and re-open it. Although it’s low priority, it’s small and isolated enough that it’s easy to pick up and do independent of other work, and it’s uncontroversial enough that future design changes are unlikely to make it a problem if it were done. That is, I think it’s a good first issue for someone new to the project.

Anyone else have thoughts, both on this particular issue and in general?

If something is a great task for a newcomer, we want to have it available even if it’s low-priority enough that we don’t really care if it ever happens. We have “low priority” as a tag for a reason.

We should close/delete in cases where we wouldn’t even want someone to do this (either we don’t want it or we’d see the time spent on it to be actually not worth the cost, even as a learning experience).

The linked issue is a not actionable task. The code, that would make up the layout in question does not even exist. Maintaining a list of detail changes on non-existing things is a burden.

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