Should we add the new Calendar plugin?

Newly official discourse plugin:

We’ve had issues in the past with wanting shared calendars or other uses of coordination, dates, etc. Maybe this plugin will be useful for us?

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Schwarzenegger voice do it, do it now!

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Thanks, I went and added it and pulled it in from Git. Only issue is we can’t upgrade Discourse until @chreekat sets up / does Nix garbage collection on the server to clear up space (and hopefully automate to make future upgrades not have a space issue). But we’ll have the Calendar plugin once the upgrade is done.

UPDATE: it’s installed

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Is this still a blocked issue? (though maybe it’s blocked by porting to OSU now instead)

Looking into features and such regardless

oh no, this was updated long ago, we have the plugin already. You can use it if you can figure out what to do with it.

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Are we sure the plugin is installed?

Doesn’t seem to work when I tried it

In any event it’s features are quite basic, no way of integrating other people’s calendars or notifications ( outside of people subscribed to the post knowing when something was added :expressionless: ), i.e. the things that would actually help us share a calendar in a practical way

yes, and I just updated it as well… but I only just now saw that the plugin provides settings, well, just one real setting: a checkbox called “calendar enabled” :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: — so, now it should finally work.

I do agree that it probably isn’t the solution we want for shared calendar stuff though.

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