Should /p redirect to /projects?

Since projects will live at /p/snowdrift or /p/whatever, some people ever might do the URL edit to just /p (and we did used to use that URL). Today, we have /projects instead.

It would be trivial to make /p redirect to /projects. How about we do that?

P.S. Should I have just made an issue with no discussion, or is discussing here first good?

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Sounds good to me. I’d think it would have been fine to create this as an issue. Will you create one now?

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Tagged with all the quick, easy, patches welcome stuff… this is so trivial, I could have done it in the time it took to make the issue (and even you, @msiep — as a non-programmer non-haskeller — could easily figure it out). I’ll leave it as something for a newcomer to get their name on a commit…