Short-term reminders / pings?

I feel weird using this forum to ping people, such as to say: “hey @team remember meeting tomorrow!” where I wouldn’t feel as weird about email.

I guess the forum feels more connected to the archive. I see and am aware of the past posts more than with email lists where the archive I visit almost never. At IRC, I don’t mind pinging people, but it’s better if it’s actually useful to get their attention now, not just sometime-before-tomorrow.

Any thoughts? What’s the best appropriate way to balance this and be able to freely ping people reminders etc. that don’t have any value in the archive?

Irc, email, or discourse PMs all work for me. I agree having a thread and @people-ing could get cluttered. However, I could also see some benefit in having that information public, depending on the extent to which we want to encourage newcomers to show up in our meetings.