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[Edit to clarify topic]: I’m opening this topic as a specific place for anyone to discuss and report on experiences telling people about What worked especially well? What didn’t? What questions came up? In what contexts have you brought up

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Here’s where I went with a recent pitch (don’t recall the context, but it was in person) that I felt worked especially well (not precise quote, it was spoken ad lib):

We want to fund creative work without paywalls or ads (which reduce the reach and value of works). The funding exists, but it won’t get to projects if most everyone freerides. So, I just want to say, “I’ll donate $1 for every thousand patrons who will give with me”. I’m willing to help, but I want everyone else to chip in too…

It’s not fully launched. One thing to have a simple foundational idea, another to put all the pieces together for a functioning platform co-op with an all-volunteer team.

This isn’t the complete explanation, this is the pitch where it hits the core points. “Creative work” is a clear and simple term.

when I was chatting I did also say:

I want projects to be able to get rid of paywalls and ads and know that they can still get funded.

That obscures that we’re focusing initially on projects that are already public goods, but it’s really clear about the immediate tension and the vision we have for the world. There’s this core dilemma: people feel (for good reason, look at the status quo) that they can’t adequately fund creative work without paywalls or ads. We’re actually trying to solve this, and no other platform is doing it fully (Patreon succeeds slightly, but the vast majority of projects still use some paywalling and/or ads).

Given my tendency to often talk too much, this pitch was quite short relatively (just a minute or two of chatting) and it seemed they got the idea really clearly right away.

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