SeaGL, Seattle WA, November 15-16, 2019

At least 3 of the team members will be attending and giving talks!

SeaGL: the Seattle GNU/Linux conference

November 15, 2019 5:30 PMNovember 17, 2019 4:00 AM

I will be talking about Restorative Justice and how it relates to online and tech communities and Codes of Conduct, per our Code of Conduct, our associated Values, particularly the relevant section: and I’ll discuss more broadly the application of Restorative Justice to online communication.

@Salt will give a short talk connecting comparing bicycling and FLO

and @alignwaivers will be presenting his own FLO hardware project (a modular music performance interface)

On top of all that, we may have a table in the small gathering / expo room!

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We will be having a table and a permanent link on the website!

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K so to reference your checklist from your other post

I have the tablecloth, we have shirts, and materials. So that’s most everything except the volunteer form (and mechanism for feedback?)

For the volunteer form, do we think it makes sense to just have some pdfs of the form that eventually will get put on civicrm? (even if not working there, could still allow people to fill it out and update later).

Paper copies might be more convenient, but… meh… paper

@salt any thoughts?

If we have a tablet or spare laptop, it would be great to have a spreadsheet with the info from the volunteer form. That way we don’t have to read handwriting and get any information that my be pertinent.

That being said, we should print off a few copies of the project forms so people can fill those out and/or give suggestions.

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Im bringing a tablet and ill probably bring an extra laptop too.

Yeah a few paper copies seems reasonable