SeaGL 2020 (all online) Nov 13-14

Snowdrift team will participate. @Salt is one of the organizers, and I (@wolftune) will be speaking on Software freedom through collective action.

Free online with a focus on continuing the otherwise (and hopefully again in the future) local Seattle and extended Pacific Northwest software-freedom community etc.

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Oh look, and I’ll be speaking on CRMs. It’s like submitting a talk can help push forward projects…

This is JUST around the corner folks!!!

I forwarded the link to @wolftune s talk to someone interested in funding FOSS. They like the outline of the talk and would like to promote it. But it’s not clear if there will be a live stream and a recording. I assume that is how an online conference works. But some more information on the website would be helpful. Right now is only the program there. No information WHERE to meet, HOW to participate and WHEN it will start.

For inspiration, here the link to the NixCon website It has a location (IRC, Matrix) and a link to the live stream (even before the conference).

Also, promoting Facebook and Twitter while not promoting alternatives is pretty bad.

Thanks for the feedback @davidak as an all volunteer team, we are definitely stretched to cover all of the things in all of the places. That said, here is our list of social site that should be getting some amount of promotion. Please suggest other places!

Regarding the actual WHERE/HOW/WHEN of attending, the information will be made clearly available on the day of, and likely just before. We are still putting the final touches on our homebrew free software conference platform and don’t want a bunch of folks visiting an unfinished space.

If you know anyone interested in helping cross-promote, we would gladly take the assistance!
(wink wink, nudge nudge, know what I mean, know what I mean)

Part of the problem as I see it relates to there being no decent desktop client that can simultaneously toot/tweet/etc. I’ve been working on something like that for my personal site, but it seems to be a lacking space. I’ll get forward to seeing whether the thing I flatpakified can be made to suffice sometime when other pressures have lifted…

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Oh, there is actually a website with actual information at, but you never get there when you click the link in the first post and click on SeaGL.

But you land on this page with no information and links to Facebook and Twitter.

So, making clear that this is just a separate portal for the program and provide a link to the actual website would solve this confusion.

PeerTube would be nice in addition to YouTube for the recordings.

Recordings will be uploaded post conference to and PeerTube.

There are a lot of struggles we’ve had with OSEM, the program portal. Day of there will be a banner navigating people to the subdomain where everything is located. Btw, you can get to that site from the homepage by clicking “Schedule”.

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Can hardly seem to find any of the recordings. I found the closing keynote on Archive, but that’s it.

Alas, we are working on them, but the main person on this has been a bit delayed. It seems that BBB splits audio and video streams, and we didn’t do any sort of clapper to make syncing easier…