Scheduling meeting to work through proposal process on team structure

Hey @team,

This is a follow up of Brainstorm help on defining full working team structure as we are hoping to schedule a meeting for coworking on this.

Some obvious options that come to mind is using part of a monday co-working session to, or a thursday since we’ve recently covered that those are the two most commonly available days.

Continuing the discussion on the thread would be ideal beforehand so we can optimize time and prep for this I think :slight_smile:

Thoughts? How does a week or two out from now sound?

I think this is a good candidate for the main meeting (later in the week). Note that it will probably be moved to Friday; I’ll let everyone know by the end of the day.

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Ack, forgot to follow up – it has not been moved and the meeting is scheduled for today at 15:00 PST

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Sorry if this is redundant but I didn’t see the confirmation of this elsewhere so I wanted to make sure the @team saw this:

Again sorry if this was already disseminated