Saying more on the homepage to get people to understand quicker


I think there is a lot of great contents in the wiki and, regarding the current objective of finding someone able and willing to migrate the Haskell codebase to another stack, I think it might be more efficient to create a homepage that explains the snowdrift concept a little further.

I copied the homepage and did some redesign suggestions. I added the mockup to IPFS:


Access via a gateway :

The goal is to get most of the concept and have a sense of how useful snowdrift could be without having to navigate through all the “learn more” and wiki pages.

I also change the subheadings from something purely descriptive of the contents that follows to something more benefit-oriented.

Hope that helps.

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Reviewing and making notes:

Video title

I agree improvement to have an inviting title not “what is” I don’t want to use “commons” as we are embracing “public goods” as a term, but I like “without paywalls or ads”. Maybe: “How can we fund public goods without paywalls or ads?” (or non-question “How we can” instead of “How can we”)

Text below video

“Solving the free-riding problem in funding free/libre/open projects” I like that wording and the text below. Minor tweak: “Solving the coordination problem in funding free/libre/open projects” that avoids saying that free-riding is itself the problem. Free-riding is only a problem to the extent that it happens instead of funding. Free-riding is positive when it happens instead of non-use of public-goods.

I love the simple focus on combining sustaining and matching.

The how-it-works stuff needs to be redone because it has several problems in its emphasis and is outdated from our plans now. (Whether on its own page or not, it needs real work).

Some of this is good enough, I’m inclined to just hack some updates onto the current site while we wait for the tech-stack change. Thanks!