Saving meeting notes on the forum vs git

Along the lines of Hello, I'm Boris - #8 by smichel17 and the accessibility of forum communications vs other communications to people in the future, I think we should move to capturing meeting notes here instead of in git.

  • More likely to be found
  • Easier to quote and start a discussion based off of them
  • Easier to be notified about
  • Solves the issue of meeting notes “clogging” the governance repo
  • Easier to save / doesn’t prevent us from applying PR requrement to the governance repo
  • They don’t really benefit from version control, since they are rarely revised
  • Markdown renders more nicely here

I am not proposing to migrate the old notes. It would be kind of nice, but also a bunch of effort that doesn’t feel worth it. Maybe we could write a quick 'n dirty script to automate it in the future.

I guess the place to save them would be in Weekly team meeting and "coffee-shop" ? Or make a new topic for it?